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Inspiring philanthropy and social investment


Knowing an NGO/Foundation from the inside, allows you to be a better philanthropist. It is about listening, learning and therefore, being able to support the cause in the most effective way. Empatthy helps you in this decision and many others, in order for the social sector in Chile can become more professional and have a truly transforming and long-lasting impact. Strategic and intelligent philanthropy done by professionals with a vast experience in the social world.

What is Empatthy?

Empatthy is the first firm in Chile that designs and implements Sustainable and Strategic Philanthropy Plans to Families, Family Offices, Companies, Foundations, Educational Institutions, Individual Donors and Public/private Entities.

In other words, we create a sustainable philanthropic plan.

What does this mean?

Legal, tax and financial support.

Counselling in the management of philanthropic initiatives.

Research and study of programs that work and make a difference.

Make alliances with other foundations.

Create philanthropic development plans in different educational entities.

A path traveled

Rosa Madera Núñez

Lawyer at the University of Oviedo with a Master's in European Law and a Master's in Public Administration with more than 20 years of international experience in management positions in different sectors and with a high degree of social and commercial vocation.
In his last position he was responsible for the implementation of the Family Foundation on behalf of the Ibáñez Atkinson Family, elaboration of statutes, studies of the different areas to intervene: music, environment and security. Once created, it assumes as Executive Director managing the budget and being responsible for the fulfilment of the objectives defined by the Board, implementing

a management model similar to the rest of the companies of the holding and defining systems of measurement of the impact quantitatively and qualitatively, positioning the Foundation among the most important family foundations of Latin America. It generated important alliances with other Foundations and Institutions: Foundation Peace Citizen, Theater of the Lake, Corpartes, Municipal Theater, municipalities, schools among others. In addition, he led the creation of own programs: Música Educa, Red Coral, Soy Entrepreneur and Huiscapi Cuéntame, constituting the appropriate equipment for its execution.

Cristóbal Vásquez San Martin

Bachelor of Laws Faculty of Law University of Chile, with 8 years of experience in consulting non-profit Organizations (NPO)
With more than 80 non-profit organizations created, in their different denominations; Social, Cultural, Educational and Sports. He has served as a fundraiser for organizations such as Fundacion Hogar Esperanza and Make a Wish Chile through the organization of fundraising events and the generation of CSR programs and shared value with various companies.

Today, as Legal Director of Fundación Patrimonio Sustentable, he plays a role of advising and disseminating the good use of tax exemptions from donation laws through seminars and talks to Universities and Technical Training Institutes throughout Chile.
In recent years, with its Sustainable Heritage Foundation, it has developed a management and sustainability model for more than 50 foundations, combining public - private financing strategies.

Álvaro Cuevas

Lawyer from University of Chile, with over 20 years of experience and postgraduate degrees in management, US law and intellectual property and new technologies at Adolfo Ibáñez University, Centre for International Arbitration and Universidad de Chile respectively. In 2002 he founded, together with other partners, Estudio Cuevas Abogados, from which he advised local and multinational companies from the beginning of their business to their internationalization. His practice includes Commercial Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Private Equity and Venture Capital, with a strong emphasis on the corporate governance of the entities he advises.

He has been a lecturer on several occasions, especially guilds such as the National Chamber of Commerce; And professor of corporate governance at Adolfo Ibañez and Mayor Universities. Member of the National Advisory Council of Small Size Companies, consultative body of the Minister of Economy created by Law No. 20,416 on the development of Small and Medium Enterprises. He has joined Empatthy for the purpose of strengthening corporate governance of non-profit entities, educating its managers in this area, aligning and strengthening incentives for the provision of resources to these sectors, including the creation of funds for philanthropy , As well as other financing mechanisms for social entrepreneurship.


Véronique Vans Simaeys

Master of Business Economics from Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium (KU Leuven). With 15 years of experience directing the Microfinance and Development Fundation, of the North South Investment Company (former owners of the Development Bank) and 8 years managing projects and funds of a social, financial and technological nature in the Microenterprise Bank of the Development Bank (Bandesarrollo Microempresas) . With a vast experience in the generation of fruitful strategic alliances with national and international entities (Inter-American Development Bank, Inter-American Foundation, Regional Government of Paris, Spanish Basque Country, ARCOR Business Group, Regional Government of Santiago, Microcredit Institutions, JUNJI, INTEGRA, Municipalities, among others) and in the collection and administration of Funds for Social Investments.

Through the different Programs of the Microfinance and Development Foundation, she managed more than 10,000 micro and small entrepreneurs to access funding and / or training; Contributed to improve the educational and psychosocial conditions for more than 2000 children and channeled support to 30 social organizations with various initiatives for children. In "Bandesarrollo Microempresas", she obtained a Technical Cooperation Agreement with the Multilateral Investment Fund of the Inter-American Development Bank, which allowed to carry out different processes of technological innovation. Over the years, she has been incorporating measures of the social impact of interventions, in qualitative and quantitative terms, agreeing criteria and processes with different allies. At present, she has focused specifically on impact management, constantly analyzing different methodologies and seeking a balance between the quality of the information, the time and costs associated with impact measurement, and the existing information systems in the organizations in charge of the interventions social.


Betina Uzcudún

Specialist in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and volunteer management (VM). She have worked as a Consultant implementing corporate volunteer programs and advising prominent companies in Argentina and Chile. Such companies included IBM, Foundation Loma Negra, BCI, Principal Financial Group, Cuprum, Constructora Almagro, and Ultramar. From a strategic vision of corporate volunteering / employee volunteering she has designed tailor-made programs that aligned with the core businesses of the companies involved, taking into consideration the interests and motivations of their employees, along with the needs of the community or social sector in which they operate.

This facilitated area partnerships between the for-profit and nonprofit sectors. The hope was that this combined effort would produce greater philanthropic impact and involvement in communities at large. This also put a renewed effort into helping develop these partnerships between corporations and communities. This was then followed by an impact study to assess the contribution of the employee volunteers to the overall corporate social responsibility agenda of the companies. She has undergone professional training in the social sciences complemented with higher studies in Corporate Social Responsibility and Local Economic Development. The work experience coupled with the academic qualifications has given she a unique perspective in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility and the challenges facing the relationship between companies and their stakeholders.


Philanthropy in Chile and the world:

The contribution to the social sector, specifically to non-profit organizations, from the private world, has now become a major economic force in different countries of the world and an increasingly frequent tendency to solve problems that governments cannot solve. In the United States and Great Britain, various types of tax incentives have been established in order to increase this practice. Our country is no exception, and this is how in the 90's a modification to the donation laws began, mainly to the law of cultural and social donations, aimed at improving the methodology and access to tax incentives. This, together with the amendment to Law 20,500, which regulates the creation and development of Associations and Foundations, has made possible the accelerated growth of existing organizations and the creation of new social enterprises.

Accelerated growth: lack of professionalization

Philanthropy today plays a role, perhaps even more relevant, because in the last 10 years we have a market of social organizations richer in innovative ideas and with great social impact, that manage their development with tools more and more accurate in Their effects and that make it possible to ensure that donors, whether natural persons, families and companies, participate in different levels in the impact of such ventures.

Innovative ideas that need to be supported with funding and follow-up to scale.

As a result of this, it is vital to move forward in better linkages between donors and non-profit organizations, which will make the impact even more efficient and make the contributions more profitable, generating what we call "strategic philanthropy".

Social and environmental investments must be carried out with the same (or even more) rigorous than economic investments. Without exceptions.



Guide individuals, families and businesses to transform their concerns into effective and rewarding philanthropic projects.

As with any investment, we know you want to get the maximum "return" for your donations on the causes that interest you. We have specialized counsellors to help you design, implement and track high-impact philanthropic projects that are in harmony with your goals.


It is important for you to know that you are supporting well-organized organizations, organized and aligned with your vision. We put you in touch with NPOs in the areas that you are passionate about.


If the foundations become professional, the contributions grow. With well-designed programs this sector will achieve important, scalable and transformative changes, we want to be part of this.



It is important that philanthropists know that they are supporting well-managed organizations, organized and aligned with their vision. We connect clients with NPOs in the areas they are passionate about.


    Donate where you thrive.
    Impact level: Moderate.

    Be the change you want to see: Create your organization
    Impact level: High.

    Create Social Funds, joint projects with other foundations
    Impact level: Very high

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