Empatthy speaks about women in philanthropy in Concepción

The role of women in philanthropy and the impulse of new generations address by Empatthy in Concepción.

In order to address the importance of philanthropy and social investment for the region, as well as the role of women in this area, the executive director of Empatthy, Rosa Madera, met with families rooted in Biobìo and seeks to promote initiatives that directly benefit the area in different areas.

Social investment is important because, through it, greater social cohesion is achieved in a region that needs a great deal of public-private coordination that directly benefits people. A child, a woman or young person with opportunities at an early age will be able to develop her full potential and the return to her community will be multiplied by seven, said Rosa Madera.

The meeting with families in the area is part of Empatthy’s agenda of activities in partnership with Banco de Chile.

Fotografía: conociendochile.com