Families and individual donors

Philanthropy and social investment plans

We create a social investment strategy

You can choose to invest your philanthropic resources in different ways. The objective is to promote high impact philanthropy by facilitating your involvement in the philanthropic activities in which you decide to make your social investment. We do this in the fallowing way:

  • Develop a vision, mission and objectives adapted to your needs.
  • Research and analyse existing problems and needs and focus on emerging opportunities.
  • Designing a tailore-made philanthropic strategy.
  • Implement the agreed programme.
  • Evaluate, reflect and review the results.

We intensify social investment

Increasing social investment offers new opportunities to every foundations: it increases the commitment and dedication of all parties involved; it extends the power of influence over certain issues and communities of interest; it facilitates the exploration of new strategies and area of financing and definitely, the greater your investment is, the greater your impact will be, as long as there is a good advise backing your projects.

If you wish to increase your social contribution, we will control the proper functioning of corporate governance and the proper administration of economic endowments or investment, taxation and legal issues. We have a determined methodology for each of this procedures and deliver periodic reports to support the transparency of our activities.

We encourage strategic philanthropy and social investment for new generations

Parents often wish to transmit values based on love for others and generosity to their children. However, the parents of wealthier families are a particular case: they are often speciacially concerned about the development and the ability to manage their children’s money, which is why promoting philanthropy in an appropriate and sustainable way within the family is the best way to overcome these challenges.

Empathy offers a wide variety of forms of work: talks, family funds, volunteer vacation and programs such as empathy impact learning journey.

Empatthy Impact Learning

During Empatthy Impact Learning, you learn continuously through academic sessions in the country and multiple field visits focused on responsible leadership, sustainability, CSR, impact investment, Venture Philanthropy and interactions with entrepreneurs, social companies, foundations, companies, government.

Tailored activities according to your needs