Foundations and philanthropic entities

Our programs

Empathy On Board Orientation for Training

  • Empatthy On Board ORIENTATION

Carry out programs aimed at executive directors and manager with the objective of improving the corporate of non-profit organizations (NPOs). In this way we seek to drive de growth and development of its CEO and organization as well as the assessment of efficiency, core skills leadership qualities and the achievements and objectives of the executive team.

  • Empatthy On Board EVALUATION

Evaluate board members and procedures to identify problems that avoids the achievement of desired objectives and advise on how to improve, refine or drive your organization progress.

Empathy Acelera Program

  • Advise those small and medium non-profit organizations that wish to improve their management, be trained, activate tax benefits and generate financial strategies, among others.

Empathy GlassPockets Program

  • Boost credibility through a self-assessment program especially designed to make information more accessible and help foundations create a roadmap to transparency.

And other programs tailored to the needs of each client