Much more than work!

Much more than work!

Today’s employees are looking for a job that means something else: they want to be employees of a company that has solid values ​​and clear commitments, with their respective social and environmental impact.

These often implicit agreements are key factors in recruitment and it is in those companies where today’s workers have their eyes on, because they want their work to implicitly translate into a greater contribution and somehow allow them to transcend, often making insufficient a good economic compensation or the benefits they may receive from their employer.

Today’s candidates distrust corporate greenwashing, backgroundless CSR and even more organizations that do not even declare a socio-environmental commitment. In this situation, companies must be prepared to share some solid data to show that they are going the right way, when It is about social and environmental efforts. In addition, they need to find the right way to communicate it, which, among other things, does not seem like a simple marketing strategy, which would ruin every legitimate corporate effort.

This scenario allows us to affirm that having a single-day volunteer does not work. A variety of options and they want them on their own terms, they want them real, honest and impacting lives or helping to preserve their environment. In Empatthy we can help you in this process, making the intention of a company transform into an action that transcends, that generates real impact outside but above all within your company.

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