First Meeting “The Responsible Leaders Hub” LATAM

Primera Reunión “The Responsible Leaders Hub” LATAM

Our first meeting from The Responsible Leaders Hub LATAM combined inspiring talks by Responsible Leaders with other special surprises created by the Leaders. Yesterday was amazing to hear about Responsible Leadership in Social and Traditional Business with Claudia Valladares Olaizola Founder of Impact Hub Caracas (Venezuela) and Daniel Martinez-Valle CEO of Orbia (Mexico). And as in our ADN of this Leadership is the collaboration, here some collaborative initiatives we talked about with Andréa Gomides Founder of Instituto Ekloos (Brazi) Jonathan Herzfeld Executive Director of FiiS (Chile), Luana Génot , Executive Director of Instituto Identidades do Brasil (Brazil) Luiza Serpa Co-Founder and CEO of Instituto Phi (Brazil), Rosa Madera Núñez CEO of Empatthy (Chile) ,Tomás de Lara of the Board of Sistema B Brasil (Brazil). Thanks BMW Foundation, Herbert Quandt ,Mina Lópezlugo Tovar, Renata Faria ,Thiago S. da Costa ,Florencia Estrade and many others behind the scenes for this opportunity! #Radicalcolaborations #empatthy #socialinvestment #hope #inclusion #diversity #Music

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