Empatthy Summit 2021 Completed!!!!

Empatthy Summit March 19th 2021

The “Summit of Feminine Philanthropy and Launch Giving Circles Iberoamérica” was held on Friday, March 19 at 12.00 PM Chile. They were with the Empatthy community 4 of the most recognized speakers on the subject:

Sondra Shaw-Hardy, Founder of WGCI (Women Giving Circles International)
Carmen Stevens, Executive Director of WGCI (Women Giving Circles International)
Jeannie Sager, Director of UIPUI (Lilly Family School of Philanthropy) at Indiana University
Sara Lomelin, Executive Director of Philanthropy Together

Thanks to the support of the American Embassy in Chile and our friend Juan Carlos Diaz, Responsible Leader of the BMW Foundation.