Empatthy Training

Empatthy Training: empowers skills to raise funds, create value propositions and successful collaborations.

An organization must determine what it wants from the collaborative relationship before beginning and identify clear organizational goals for the new relationship. What needs could a relationship with another organization help? What strategic benefits could be realized through an alliance with one or more partners? Would the relationship be continuous or for a particular period of time?

Begin with an internal analysis of the organization to determine how a collaborative relationship would be beneficial. This also helps determine the best partners and reach out when you’re ready.

This and many more topics will be explained in the workshops by Silvia Bueso and Rosa Madera, who will work on techniques that enhance and expand the skills to raise funds for foundations and organizations with social purpose with a focus on learning the keys to create winning value propositions and collaboration. successful, being good partners in virtual times, overcoming no for an answer, getting the desired yes from your partners and building loyalty in virtual and uncertain times, generating strategic alliances.

There will be 4 virtual sessions where they will deliver experiences, supplies, good practices and advice to advance in how to impact more and better.

Steps to enroll:

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2.- Make bank transfer
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